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February 21, 2007


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Don't you already invest in index funds? What steps are you taking this year to earn that extra 1% to get you closer to your goal?

I just moved my rollover IRA from the default option (the same company the 401(k) was with) to Vanguard. I'm going to save close to 1% in fees, which is like earning another 1% on the investments. Check your investment fees, you might find a place to "cut the fat" and save some cash.

The longer the time will make your aggregate returns higher, and this can make a big difference even with a slight 1% higher.

It's amazing how that 1% can make a huge difference over a long period of time, we usually don't pay much attention to these percentages but they do make a huge impact on marketing and business world
Thank you For the Article

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Compound Interest is the greatest force in the world. -Albert Einstein

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