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February 28, 2007


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I'm french and i live in france so i don't intend to comment the numbers above. But i think that the nest egg to retire early can be just a way to invest in some bonds. So, you have a nest egg that you never touch and live just with the interest. With 1000000 $ and a bond with 4% interest, you can live with 40000 $ a year. I don't understand why people wants to have more than 3000000 $ (120000$ a year) ? And you can use a small portion of your nest egg to fight inflation. It's perhaps too simple but why do you need to eat your beautiful "retire-early-amount" while you can live with the interest ?

"Retire" doesn't necessarily mean "forego income". For a lot of people it just means giving up nonvoluntary full-time W2 employment.

I, for example, will be retiring by 35. Does this mean I won't work? just means I'll be earning enough from my investments and my businesses that I won't have to have a day job anymore...and so I'll quit my day job and devote myself fully to the businesses and my family.

Yes, people who intend to spend a lot of money in retirement need to start with a large sum. I've lived on minimum wage my whole life. How much do you NEED to retire on? Looks to me like a lot of people are confusing wants with needs.

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