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February 21, 2007


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Sounds like a good time!

I'm looking forward to it, FMF>

Sweet contest. I'm in for sure!

Sounds Wonderful!!

Good Job!

Very cool idea! Just submitted a few of my posts and am looking forward to see if I make it to the big dance!

This is a great idea. Just submitted my posts and can't wait it to come out.

Awesome idea. I was thinking on the lines of a similar idea for March Madness myself.

A cool feature would be to setup the brackets like does, so people can vote on their favorite post matchups live.

Got any ideas on how to accomplish this? My contest would be slightly different though. Instead of personal finance post, my readers could vote on Best Performing Stocks for 2007.

Let me know if you find the software to do this.

Great idea! Now someone just needs to start a pool so everyone can bet on who the winner will be!

I just sent you my entries. I hope not to be too disappointed here...;) Looking forward to the challenge and the super high quality submissions that you no doubt attracted!

You could set up a lens at and use their Plexo feature to make a list of the articles. Once the list is made users have the option to vote up or down on individual items.

You can also allow for visitors to add their own items to the list. You should check it out. I just created a lens for March Madness at I used the Plexo feature to allow visitors to vote on who they think the Number One seeds will be in this years tournament.

The funny thing about all this - I found this website by searching for "march madness bracketology" at google. Didn't think I would find a finance website with those terms. You were the 7th link on the first page of results.

Very cool site by the way. Have a Great Day!

Good idea! Something to remember for the future.

Funny that I'd rank 7th for that set of words. ;-)

I think this is a good idea. I like the way your catching commenters attention by saying they can have a chance to win if they have the best comment.

I found this article to be somewhat interesting. It's a very good idea. It's a realy great challenge for people that like to blog, but if you don't like to blog then its just not for you. If you dont get to win at leats you get the chance to get some practice in for up coming competitions. Im sure people will be delighted to fill out some brackets for you. Its sounds like someone is going to have a wonderful time!

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