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February 18, 2007


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::: In fact, I would tithe before I paid the debt. I know many people disagree with this position and you may have let this debt get to the point where you\'ll have no choice (if he sues you, you\'ll HAVE to pay him first), but that\'s what I\'d certainly be working for -- paying God first and have Him help me pay off the rest.

This makes no sense at all. Give money to some religious organization that doesn\'t need it, while drowning in your own debt? \"paying God first and have Him help me pay off the rest.\" And how is \"god\" going to do this, exactly? Let me tell you how many people have gotten rid of debt this way: zero.

In fact, why don\'t you advice the CHURCH to get rid of THEIR debts by having \"god\" pay them off? Why not have the churches rely on \"god\" for all their financing needs, period? (I\'ll tell you why you don\'t: because all of this is BS.)

Response to Untrue: whether you believe in God or not, God's stated purpose for the Church is to do work in the world; not to be carried in luxury by God. So if you care about the work the Church is supposed to do, you have to join the Church in doing it, not wondering why it doesn't get done.

Untrue --

You're wrong. It worked for me early on in my days after college. And I've personally seen it work for many others, read about it working for hundreds, and heard of it working for many more than that (I would guess that financial coach Dave Ramsey would recommend this, and he's helped untold numbers get out of debt.)

This was the reason I answered this question this way -- it worked for me and thus I'm passing it along.

If the person wasn't tithing before or during the time the debt was incurred, the debt must be paid off before beginning to tithe. If this person had really found God in the meantime, s/he would've found a way to pay off the debts.

I think it's sinful to use someone else's money to buy things, and then have a false generosity - because that tithe is coming from someone else's money - not his/her own.

Margo --

If the person follows the advice above, there won't need to be a choice -- both can be done at the same time.

I used other people's money to buy a college education. Millions of Americans do it. Was that sinful? Then I took cash advances from a credit card to make student loan payments to avoid defaulting on the student loans.

the Truth here is, it takes knowing God(Jesus Christ) and having His Spirit living within you to pay tithes. when you know God and have a relationship with Him through our Lord Jesus Christ(the Only Way to God), you will realize how important He is before anyother thing in your life. so to observe His importance and Significance and Lordship in our Life, we must obey His Words and Commandments. before i met Jesus Christ, i was always running out of money, although I knew God had deposited some outstanding things in my life beforehand, but they wouldnt manifest. but when I met Jesus Christ, I grew in such an utmost Knowlege, Wisdom and Understanding. I grew with huge ideas(that are in about to change my life and the life of those God has placed around me), my finances became sufficient(although sometimes when i spend lavishly, i run out of money, but i'm never devastated, there is always a way out of my foolishness). God is good and Faithful, if you meet and know Him. Jesus is Lord forevermore. Amen.
One in Christ Jesus.

You are soooo right... when it does not make sence if I put the Lord first even tho. I am struggling with a business and too much debt, He has protected me and always made a way for me. I am blessed coming in and going out, something I cannot do for myself. All things I have belong to HIM and I am just serving Him with my first fruits as I feel He has led me to do even when it is difficult. God is for you and He will show you how to get out of debt as I am in process now ..and my business is growing. God is good. gml

Failure to tithe under law brought wrath. Failure to give liberally under grace brings no rewards.

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