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February 12, 2007


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I actually don't like Mvelopes that much. And for one straight forward reason: You have to pay to keep using it. I'm sorry, but when I want software to do something for me, I don't care about "have it everyone" and stuff like that. I care about having as much right to use it as possible. Quite simply, I want to pay my money for it and then do whatever I please with it for as long as I please. By having to pay for the service every month you give up a lot of freedom and security. Who's to say that Mvelopes won't disappear with all my personal info in a year? They're pretty well established and I think they have a profitable business model, but things can change quickly and if they do I'll be left in the gutter. I need more control over things than that. I'll stick with my excel spreadsheet.

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