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February 06, 2007


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I anxiously complile our net worth on a monthly basis. I think this may be one of the reasons for our 56.5% increase in net worth over the previous year. Nice post...

I also do mine monthly, I even think it's fun! I'm always eagerly anticipating the first of the month so I can tally up the numbers. Though it's possible I only think it's fun when it goes up. (Up 72.95% in '06)

I started about a year ago tracking mine.
I am surprise at my progress over the last year. Looking at my progress has been rewarding because it has lead me to refocus some of my spending to build my net worth vs. blowing extra money

A few of the blogs I follow use: to track theirs.

I like using it because you can remain anonymous and compare yourself to others in your demographic. I have only received one email from them, but I believe they will send you a reminder to enter your data every month.

I am surprise at my progress, but it has lead me to refocus some of my spending to build my net worth vs. blowing extra money.

I track net worth every *day* in Quicken, at the bottom left of the screen!

It should be pretty close to has all my bank, credit card, investment accounts, and loans. Most of my investments are set up such that Quicken can check the daily share prices. I have asset accounts for the house's rough value and our vehicles (periodically updated via The only thing I don't have listed is our household "stuff", though I should probably make up a number.

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