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February 06, 2007


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My objection to spending time on taxes is political, rather than economic or hedonic. I'm actually pretty good at it, and I do derive a certain satisfaction from saving as much on it as I do. Partly (indeed largely) that's also a political thing, but there's also a hedonic element to it as well...probably similar to what coupon-clippers feel at the grocery store.

I do personal taxes myself. (Actually, I use the H&R Block Online service, which even for the mathematically-challenged is easier than doing your own 1040. But I only do that because the IRS won't let people e-file their own returns. For the state taxes, I complete the forms myself, since the states I pay taxes in _do_ allow individual e-filing.) My business taxes are done by a CPA, but that's mostly because my accountant is more familiar with the changes in tax law in my jurisdiction-of-incorporation than I am. (It's tough enough keeping track of the federal situation and two US states.)

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