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March 16, 2007


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I believe the IRS only rewards you if they recoup $2M+. Apparently they don't want to investigate the small tax cheats and want to avoid individuals turning in others because they are in a personal squable i.e. ex-spouse, deadbeat landlords, etc.


Yeah, I don't foresee myself in a situation where that would be an issue. I'll settle for trying to get my own taxes right.

Hmm... how much are you pulling in from this blog?

How funny I have the same goal only about $9000 I would love to make an extra $10k/year online, but I don't think thats gonna happen. If the start-up company I am promoting on my site is successful then maybe in a few years I'll be pulling in $10k. I have over 550 referrals as we speak. So if each referral is worth 25 cents per month to start off that will help me reach my goal.

I just don't believe the $345 billion figure -- or more accurately, I believe it's offset by ordinary people overpaying their taxes because they fear the IRS and don't understand the system (there's neither means nor motivation for the IRS to determine how big of an issue overpayments are -- and nobody else can look at the IRS's data).

How to cheat the government legally and save the tax.
Many people in my surrounding do that, but no idea how is that. eg - By opening some other fake branc or fake
C an F and many more.
Any other idea to save tax. Thanks for the help.

i turned in a business owner who owed the irs, he was just about to sell a building. i told the irs and they took that money and i got a nice reward, and it only took 2 months. either i pay more taxes, or we turn in the cheats.

I have not broken any tax law, so I just broke the nose and cheek bone of an ex old friend that 'turned me in' to the IRS. That'll teach him to turn in a BOGUS report to the IRS.

I just turned in a few people who had not paid taxes on 13 million dollars. Sucks to be them, everything they own is going to be seized. I will be the only one with any of their hard earned money, honey. They suck as human beings so I don't even feel bad. I will get my cut in under 6 months.

A bogus tip only results in an audit, nothing worth an assault beef.

Time to find some rich, corrupt friends. Shouldn't be hard in Miami...

turn in mayor daley and the aldermen the gov ect.soon you will be rich.

Where is the law in the constitution that we have to pay taxes on our wages. Where is due process? 2. Where is the accounting of where our money is going? 3. Do politicians know how to be financially responsible or do they set up non profits to launder money (sarcasm is obvious)

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