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March 07, 2007


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No, you are not wrong. Here in Europe I recently deposited an American cheque. My bank has always let me do this in the past without question. This time though they asked if I knew the person who was sending the cheque. I asked regarding the oddity of this question. Answer, recently a very significant number of American cheques have been bouncing and costing the bank too much money and time. Thus they now prefer money transfers. I think this says quite a bit no? Optimist that they have the money, but then when it comes to cashing the cheque not quite there...

When it comes to finances, I'm relatively optimistic except when it comes to health care. Sure we have insurance now, and do whatever is necessary to keep it, the problem is when something happens in which you may loose it. Keeping insurance under COBRA is extremely expensive, and finding private coverage if you have a pre-existing condition is comparable to playing pool with a woodchuck and a turtle. What worries me though, is the fact medical expenses are so variable. You never know when they will arise, and you never know how much they are going to be. They could just put a small dent in your emergency fund, or they could wipe that out, put you in debt for life, and make it nearly impossible to ever get insurance again.

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