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March 29, 2007


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Definitely. Although the reality check of tracking income and expenses and calculating the total amount of debt we have was scary, facing that and making a plan to improve our financial situation has made me less anxious in many ways, and has changed my outlook on life. I find happiness in different things than I used to, I think. I feel happy when I can pay off a big chunk of my credit card bill, for example, or when we eat a meal at home instead of going out. Having set financially responsible goals, I feel rewarded when I do things that I know helps me achieve them. When you don't really have goals, or when your goals are more materialistic, you never feel satisfied - there's always something more to buy or another movie to see.

Control of my finances makes me sleep better at night

It has been statistically proven that the more money a person has, the better they sleep at night...

Perhaps we can extend this to married couples. A large percentage of divorces happen because of financial disagreements. Perhaps one spouse leaves because he/she doesn't feel he/she has enough control over what happens with the money their spouse makes. Maybe we can fix that by -- and I've seen this recommended elsewhere -- that each spouse have control over a portion of the household budget (he pays the rent; she buys the food).

Ultimately I think "control" is an illusion. We rarely really control much of anything outside of ourselves. But what control that I do have, i.e. budgeting etc, does give me more peace. I am not very happy, nor do I have much joy when I "feel" out of control with my money. And this happens when I am not doing the discipline of budgeting. So in a sense, controlling or managing the disciplines in my life, like budgeting, does give me joy.

I hope what I just said isn't as clear as mud?

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