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March 13, 2007


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has there ever been an expose or is there a web site detailing what generic products are made by major manufacturers? I can't imagine that there is a Kirkland plant out there making Jeans, Floor Cleaner and foodstuffs under the same roof.

Would love to see what other brands are packaged as generics - anyone?

I know that Kirkland toilet paper tissue and paper towels are made by Georgia-Pacific (I believe Kimberly Clark makes some as well depending on your area), it's the same exact TP with a different label on it. My wife works at a paper mill (and we haven't had to buy either since tissue or towels she started there). Almost every "store brand" out there is made by the same company that makes the regular brand - at the same quality.

I remember watching an episode of "How It's Made" on Discovery Channel where they talked about frozen vegetables (or something like that). They showed the production facility and were focused on the Bird's Eye brand, but if you looked to the side of the screen you could see the store brand being packaged on the EXACT SAME production line. Why would you buy name brand frozen broccoli anyway? Frozen broccoli is frozen broccoli!!!! :)

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