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March 26, 2007


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I've bought a lot of tickets and quite honestly, those "tips" about buying on certain days of the week never seem to work. The best two tips are 1) be flexible in your travel dates and 2) do a little bit of research (when you have time to book in advance).

I've never seen booking on Tuesday, but avoiding travel Fri-Mon has always worked for me.

I just heard about a new site you might want to check out: It purports to use "scientific methods" to help you find lower fares. The locations are still limited to the major airports, but it might help you with Disney. And it's free.

Oh, I should have noted that the most interesting part is the "When to Travel" applet on the lower-RH-side. It's interesting to see how the fares bump up around certain dates.

I recently had to book at the last minute and used Hotwire from Orbitz. You have to be flexible, but the fare was cheaper than advance booking. Not bad at all if you can or must travel at the last minute. Avoiding Fri-Mon is best.

my personal favorite site is mobissimo.

it's like the mob: it searchs all different kinds of websites: airlines, discount brokers like cheapfares and orbitz, etc.

then after you see what mobissimo pull up (and it posts the cheapest options first) head to that website on your own to find the deal and you can usually get it $10 of $15 cheaper.

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