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March 13, 2007


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As a fellow cyclist I'll second these thoughts. It is a great sport with many practical benefits, but I would warn people against getting into bicycle racing. I used to do it and it *will* consume your time and energy in ways that probably aren't financially healthy.

As another fellow cyclist, I enjoy nothing more than to feel the wind in the face while on a ride. Our entire family (four kids aged 5 - 11) rides together on a regular basis. I definitely think the money you have put into it is worth the health benefits.

Unfortunately, I have given up riding on the road as I feel I cannot risk my life as sole provider for the enjoyment it brings me. A number of prominent area cyclists have been killed while out riding the roads in my neck of the woods, actually the same sections of road I used to ride. So for now, I am back to pounding the pavement in my runners and enjoying the occassional ride with the family when time permits.

Wow. Amazing. Wish I could ride year round here.

I think it's great that you can ride your bike so often. Not only are you saving money, you're helping the environment and helping your health.

There's a guy here in Tulsa named Biker Fox. He's a local celebrity. He started to ride his bike in order to get in shape and now he goes around to schools motivating kids to be more active. He's a really energetic guy and if you see him around town on his bike, you can request a trick, and he'll do it. The best is the "Biker Fox" flip. He's also always dancing at stop lights. I think the oxygen in his brain has made him super happy.Check out his website. (Warning: He has some super cheesy Glamor Shots of himself. I don't know if he's being ironic. However, knowing Biker Fox, I think he was serious when he took these. Yikes.)

With heart disease so prevalent in America (it's the #1 killer of women) it's worth pointing out that heart disease isn't caused by the cheeseburger you had the day before your heart attack. It's 30-40 YEARS worth of cheeseburgers. Invest in a healthy lifestyle (including diet) now and watch the benefits compound.

i use to race, and club racing is fine. it can be addictive as any competitive sport, but who says that's bad?

cycling or any sport is good. when you are in shape, you have more energy, have more confidence, not to mention the health benefits.

i also bike to work, saving on gas and auto maint and headaches from traffic jams.

congrats on lowering your cholesterol...sounds like the cholesterol commericial.

Which begs the questions:

1. How was the cost broken down? 90% bike, 50% bike, etc.?
2. What kind of bike do you have?
3. Have you had any issues (broken chains, flat tires, etc.)?
4. Do you live in a large city, small city, rural area? Where do you bike? Do you bike from your home, or drive somewhere and deploy from there?


1. Not sure what you mean here.

2. Stay tuned -- new news coming soon on this issue.

3. If you ride 2,000 miles a year, you always have issues. ;-)

4. Small city, bike from home. There are several roads in my area with not much traffic (if you go at the right time of day.)

Need testimonial. I'm an enthusiastic cyclist, but I should warn that daily bicycling is not a "eat anything for free" card. Exercise helps, but you still shouldn't go totally overboard on your diet.

Excuse me now as I go to buy a calorie-laden latte and chocolate brownie for my afternoon snack :-)

wow! thanks for ur sharing.

This is why I lament my move to a larger city. My hometown has a bike path connecting two ends of the state running right through it - the city I'm in now has minimal paths that I have not yet found!

My desire? Find a job in a city as bike (and animal friendly) as Fort Collins, Colorado.

Indeed, one of the best investments I have ever made was spending $1,000 on a good road bike several years ago. That bike kicked me into gear (so to speak), rejuvenating my spirit, and spurring on an active lifestyle.

I put alot of miles on that bike, and eventually wore it out. But it hooked me on cycling to where I now log 3,000 miles a year riding centuries, multi-day tours, and commuting to work 3-4 times a week. And I feel great. Highly recommended.

Biking to work hasn't saved me any money (I tend to upgrade every couple of years) but it is faster than the bus over the 13km's to work, I stay fit, and I get to spend a little quality time on some great tracks on the way to work. And with 3 small children at home, biking to work is an easy way to get some exercise which would otherwise be very hard to do.

What did you cholesterol get down to?

Ken --

Isn't this answered in the post above?

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