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March 06, 2007


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I didn't efile and I got my return last week. In my experience if you file early you only have to wait two or three weeks even if you don't efile.

The option to TeleFile was discontinued several years ago. The IRS now tells people who were using TeleFile to use the Free e-File program they have with various providers.

Also, the tax deadline is April 17th this year (the 15th being a Sunday and the 16th being a holiday in Washington, D.C.)

Yeah I filed my taxes electronically on Sunday and my state return already showed up in my bank account just 3 days later.

Despite all the benefits that the collection of our income tax brings, it does not take away from the fact that the process for filing income tax can be very demanding, complicated and even costly. The cost of course stems from the fact that because filing an individual or company’ s income tax is quite tedious, the aid of a third party is often contracted.

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