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March 23, 2007


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Debt has been bothering me here recently and I have already thought through most of the points David Bach has brought up....So I'll give you how I'm doing and reason why I spring for the upper level services that I have.
1. I have a bundle package with High speed internet connection and extended basic cable television. $780/yr. The extended basic was $3 more than basic. And I find deals at department stores that I sell on auction sites. This covers my internet connection and beyond.
2. I pay $420/yr on my cell phone, which doubles as my home phone. But I'm single and don't use many minutes. My immediate family and most of my friends happen to be in the same network, so I can talk to them as much as I want. 25% of my bill is discounted through my employer.
3. I think 2. covered this.
4. I run, play Ultimate Frisbee and ride my bike, which all are free, except the upkeep, and I ask for most of this for birthday and Christmas.
5. Insurance runs me $960/yr which I just have renter's insurance and car insurance. Just a note though....I talked to my insurance agent, I asked her to reduce this cost. I added Life insurance and accidental insurance and through having multiple account discounts, it dropped the original price $20/month.
Being single I know this is probably not the average cost for all of these. I am already trying to think of ways to create side incomes and reduce further cost when I get married.

We get two cable antennae channels, and they don't really come in very well at all. We don't really have time to watch TV anyway, though.

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