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March 20, 2007


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The grocery game is a web site that I did not see in the links that has a lady that does the work for you! ($1 week is her price) I used it and she even told you the week of the sunday paper to look for the coupon, if your local store offers great deals or just says they do, (we have specials that you buy a whole meal, and sometimes they are a steal, and sometimes they are not) Teri's List is the part of the grocery game that you get an email on Tues, when the supermarket ad comes out, and then she does the % savings and $ savings on the list. Not bad as long as you follow it and save at least 4 dollars a month to pay for the service.

I agree with your wife. When my husband goes grocery shopping with me, I spend WAY more than what I had planned. He is worse than my 3 year old on putting things we don't need in the cart!

The best way to save tons of money when making your grocery is to buy your items by the dozens. There is always a saying that goods are cheaper by the dozen since rebates and discounts are available when you buy in bulk. The other way to save tons of money is to have a full stomach when making your grocery since the tendency is you will not impulsively buy things or stuffs if you compare when making your grocery with an empty stomach. The other way to save tons of money when making your grocery is to procure promotional items. Most of the times consumers would think that buying promotional items are of low quality which is contrary to what the supplier has in mind. A company has one to the nth time reasons why they sell their products under promotional items. One is to advertise their products at low cost. The other is to apply the lost leader approach by selling their products under promotional sales at low cost but gain larger advantage of sales in other items once the customers stars to buy. The other way to save tons of money when making your grocery is to buy stuffs under SALES. Goods sold under sales are having discounts up to 50% because the idea of the owner is to already dispose the products due to obsolescence or for fast turn-over of sales. The other way to save tons of money when making your grocery is to list all the items you intend to buy and never to buy stuffs not found in your grocery list that way you will save tons of money. The other way to save money when making your grocery is to look for generic products specially on medicines. Generic goods has 50% lower in price compared to buying goods branded not generic. The other way is to avail of goods with plus on items. There are corporations who sell their products with attached accessories like you buy a bag the plus item is free raincoats for children or set of pencils for students. The other way to save tons of money when making your grocery is to buy under the "Buy one take one" sales. You buy one big can of corned beef, one bottle of soy sauce is for free. You buy one sack of rice one ladle is for free, things like that. The other way to save tons of money when making your grocery is to choose grocery stores where they provide a raffle tickets for every $ 500.00 of sales and who knows you might be chosen as the lucky winner and instantly you will not only save tons of dollars when making your grocery but instead you become an instant millionaire for the day!!

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