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March 20, 2007


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Tell me about it we just got a dog, I had to buy a fence to keep him in our back yard, bed, carry crate, treats, dog chain to take him for walks, then we have shots on top, food.. im like frig.. this is getting silly..

Then the puppy only 3 months old comes over and gives you the puppy eyes and somewhere you forget about it all :) lol crazy us dog owners.

I would love to get a cat. I think cat's are hilarious. But the costs of having a pet will probably keep me from ever having a pet.

I agree that pets aren't like children. Pets are FAR less annoying!

Interesting comments. I guess that you do not own a pet. While I consider myself a realist, I dont think I would think a lot it such expenses are required to be done.

But pet costs in general are getting expensive. Ever noticed those luxury pet motels, costing close to $100/night with a private adjustable AC.

You know -- I've often thought that part of the cost of health care is being fabricated to an extent, with doctors pushing (or consumers asking) for more and more medications to take care of things that maybe really aren't necessary to treat with drugs (obviously this isn't always the case and there are definately situations that need treatment with drugs).

Now it looks like the over-medication of society is spilling over into pets. It's really unfortunate to me. I have an aging 15-year old dog with a few health problems. The vet seems eager to push medications and surgery at me, and I resist it all. I don't see it being better for my pet. Am I heartless, or is this all just getting to be too much? (Trust me, it's not that I don't love this pet, but I disagree that extending his life through extreme measures is worth it. I'd rather keep him comfortable and happy while I can, and let him go when I can't.)


Yup, we have spent almost $1000 so far this year on vet expenses, and that is not including the "dietary supplement food" that my wife buys the animals.

The fact that someone has figured out that there is a business for Pet Medical Insurance (available in Canada from PC Financial), means this business is BOOMING! --C8j

This time I completely agree with what you've written. Spending on pets is out of control, but it sounds like it'd be a good industry to get into if you're an entrepreneur. Sadly too many people don't factor in all of the costs of pets when they get them, which is one of the reasons why shelters are always full.

I don't mind spending my $3k/year on my dogs. They are like your bike. They relax me and give me less stress.

She could have donated that $5000 of money to the local children's hospital.. What a waste!! Obese dogs are only obese because of the owner. A dog never goes into the fridge and fixes themselves a quick snack nor can a dog go for a walk if the owner is too lazy.. Any owner with an obese animal should have it taken off them!!

One animal lover and idiot hater.

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