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March 22, 2007


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Yea! I'm so glad to see you considering both sides of the pet debate. :)

Yea! I'm so glad to see you considering both sides of the pet debate. :)

The way you look at having a pet is very unique ;)
Yeah, but the amount of money that you save might not be boatloads though. Gotta think about the pets' food, shelter, health, entertainment and lots of other stuffs..

Breeding the pet - just one more thing that causes too many puppies to be put down unnecessarily because of the greed of money on the owner's part. I agree with the entire article though on everything else.

You forgot exterminator. My Basset is good at catching mice.

The comment on kids' immune systems was quite ignorant. My wife's a physician and she she sees lots of kids who's parents think they don't have allergies because they have been around pets all the time. Then it turns out the kids have had the sniffles for months on end - and guess what, it's pet allergies!

It is just plain irresponsible to promote the breeding of dogs! Over-population of dogs and cats is a big issue. I agree with the rest of the post though...

I feel it is ignorant on your part to encourage others to breed by posting the price that you gain from each puppy. We already have an overpopulation of dogs and cats in our country, we don't need any more idiots out there breeding just for the money! I agree with the rest of the post though!

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