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March 08, 2007


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Doh! We have two facing from R4B facing each other in the next round... Good news, bad news. A guaranteed win, but also a guaranteed loss...

Yep. For sites that have more than one piece in the competition, they're bound to meet up if they all keep winning!

Congrats. You have at least one post in the Sweet Sixteen.

[...] One blog that I am going to be visiting very often over the next few weeks is Free Money Finance to check out the progress of Free Money Finance March Madness. On Feb 21st, FMF had an open invitation to all Personal Finance bloggers to submit up to 4 of their best articles to be entered into a bracket competition similar to the NCAA basketball tournament. What started out with 128 posts was reduced to 64 (based on reader comments and FMF’s own judgment) and it is now in round 3 with 32 posts. [...]

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