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March 25, 2007


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great post. really enjoying reading your blog too :)

1 Chronicles 29 also gives a great example of giving to be an example for others, particularly children. King David gives of his personal fortune for the temple just after exclaiming that "my son Solomon... is young and inexperienced". His generosity spurs on other leading families to give willingly (which is a key, as you pointed out). Verse 9 goes on to state that "the people rejoiced at the willing response of their leaders, for they had given freely and wholeheartedly".

I believe that in giving us wealth (big or little), God desires us to be an example for others. Intent and the purpose of giving is the key, and that can only be known by the person and Christ.

I don't think Matthew 6:1-4 is referring to tithing. Instead, I think it is referring to giving to the poor. I think this because of the examples and instructions for tithes and offerings back in the Old Testament. They surely weren't instructed to tithe in private.

I don't have a problem with the way you tithe. I just like doing it the way we do, which is to have our tithe paid out of our bank account twice a month. If tithing is a matter of obedience, does it really matter HOW it is paid?

I don't there's anything wrong with you tithing publicly every week. I believe that your motives are sincere.

Personally for me, I grew up in a church that didn't have a offering plate, just an offering box that you put your offering whenever you want. The reason was that they didn't want people to just reach in their wallet when the plate was passed around, they wanted people to prepare their offering beforehand. Therefore now, even though my church does pass around the plate, I prefer to give in private. And that's fine too.

Here's another reason to give at church: it's an act of worship that should be a part of the worship service. It's part of you publicly praising and obeying the Lord with fellow worshipers each work.

If we all could practice the mentality of an audience of one. i don't think we would have to worry about whether giving in front of anyone can be misinterpreted. God created a human shell for our spiritual bodies, but we think this human shell is something to show off, but really to God our spiritual body is what he sees.

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