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March 08, 2007


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What sq footage do you have, and what temperatures do you keep your house at??? Either year, that seems like a high bill.

Temps are kept at 68 degrees in the day, 64 at night. Sq. footage is about 2,300.

We live in Michigan. It's COLD up here.

Judging by this winter in Upstate NY, I'd have to say the usage doesnt seem all that extravagant, especially when you have people at home all day (children, listless college students). Having someone there from 9-5 puts a serious drain on the energy.

This is why I live in a warm State, one you think is "too expensive" to live in and that I should "downsize." Our utility bills are never more than $100 month on the coldest time of year.

Yeah, but you probably get killed on cooling costs, taxes, housing and the like. There's no free lunch! ;-)

No cooling costs. Don't even have a/c. It's always 70 degrees on the coast of California --it's reading 72 outside right now. Property taxes are low thanks to Prop 13. Housing was cheap when I bought 20 years ago.

No state income tax? No high cost of living?

State income tax is 9.3%, and no, there is not a higher cost of living here any more than anywhere else. At least not for me. I don't need a car as public transportation is readily available and relatively inexpensive. Food is much better and fresher here and the cost is nominal if you are a vegetarian, as I am.

Yikes on the tax! Or should I say "ouch"?

Anyway, sounds like you're better off than most. Look at any study on cost of living in CA and it's waaaaaaay high.

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