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March 29, 2007


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YNAB Pro is an incredible program that gave us control over our finances (see FMF's previous post about that). If you are just starting to get control of your money you definitely want to check this out. It is a wonderful tool that has helped my wife and I really get ahead financially.

I also wanted to add that my lovely bride and I use YNAB Pro and heartily recommend it. I had been tracking finances with a very complicated (but powerful) spreadsheet that I written for a very long time, but when YNAB Pro came along, I thought I'd give it a shot. It works beautifully for zero-based budgeting, and fits our needs perfectly.

I wish it had some more in-depth reporting capabilities (I'm a big data person), but it's a great tool for both beginning budgeters and long-timers like me.

YNAB Pro is incredible. It is perfect at what it does. Keeping you on a budget and helping you get ahead. I recommend it fully.

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