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April 26, 2007


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Hey FMF,

This is a Tag in the game of Financial Tag!

Looking forward to hear more!


Monty Loree

Every time I disagree with this guy I get censored. Sheesh!

MW --

Say something new and your comments won't get deleted. But I'm tired of your "woe is me, I've been handed the short end of the stick" comments. They do nothing to add value to the conversation and make you look pathetic. I'm sure you've had a lot of hard knocks in life, but at some point you need to get over them and live/work in the present/future -- not be stuck in the past.

So if you make comments that pertain to the posted topic -- in favor of what I write or not -- then they will be left up. If you simply post "I've got a minimum wage job and my life is a bummer" sort of comments, they'll be deleted. We've heard them all before. Let's move on.

Sounds so easy to say, "Do what you love to do." The reason for this is that most people do what they are good at, not what they like to do. I know very few people that love their jobs. Doing what we like to do only will cause us to take a huge pay cut. I've been told to stick with what I'm doing because I have "experience" in what I do and I will make more money in the field. Career change sounds very tempting to most of us, but we just can't afford to do so in today's soaring economy. With the high demands of jobs, working overtime, who has time to go back to school to learn something new? Who can afford it anyway? Career change is a very difficult challenge unless you have a second income in your household that will help balance your expenses. Then, perhaps, you can afford the change.

I was actually contemplating this idea. My comment would be for you to go to a college career counseling office- take some tests- then see if it aligns with your goals, likes, dislikes. If you are like me- I really had no idea of what was out there because I have been in the same type of business my whole working career. I found it very helpful- & as if a coincidence: while I was waiting for my counsel session- I picked up a college continuing education brochure- & that was actually what I needed! I took a few courses to become better at what I was already doing- & it was a blessing in disguise. I am still contemplating it- but at least my mind is more open with new ideas. Good luck to all who can actually do it!

After 27 years of selfemployment in a small sales and service business going from 5 employees to just myself,I hated the last 3 years of it. One day I realized that by purchasing the property and owning it out right for the last 5 years I was content knowing I had no mortgage or rent to pay then I realized I could be collecting the rent from someone else so I sold the business with-in 4 months and over the last year I have been living on the rent and have been working on an invention that I have tinkered with over the last 10 years. Today I get my prototype from China after a few corrections from the last one we are hoping (my partner is my wife of 37 years) to have something to sell in the next 3 months.
Yes we are going into debt again but, I still have the rent.This process has taken a long time and we are both 57 years old do-not have a lot of money Yet!

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