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April 12, 2007


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Saving $10 a day would be a fortune the way I live currently. Most days, I don't spend a dollar more than my necessary expenses (transportation, rent, insurance, etc.)

I guess to some people that would be saving a little, but it really depends how frugal you currently are to begin with.

I agree that $10 a day is actually quite a lot of money. But on the other hand anything saved is better than nothing.

Right. Forget the $10. The trick is just to get started and develop a good habit. As you begin to make more money saving becomes as natural as brushing your teeth every morning.

Okay, what if someone makes 1300 a month and therent is 809.14 a month then what? Everything they try never makes money, not even to solve a case!

Anonymous: Have you thought of anything that could reduce your rent or increase your income? You could move to somewhere cheaper, or take in roommates.

Dont waste your money on alcohol drink and cig't smoking..SAVE ALOT OF MONEY.

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