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April 10, 2007


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I just entered the world of sump pumps myself. After a heavy rain, my wife casually mentions to me that there is some water seeping in the basement. Obviously not a good thing. Apparently the previous owner didn't want the pump's hose out in sight when she was selling so she stuffed it in the hole where the pump is. Needless to say with the hose all wrapped around the pump it couldn't do its thing.
I finally got it working and then the water just kept coming and I had a little river flowing into the drain. Luckily the basement isn't finished.

I hear ya on the emergency fund thing.


Maybe this is naive, but can you call Roto-Rooter to open the drain line?

Sorry, I left out one key detail. The pipe is made of plastic, ribbed tubing. Trying to clean it out via conventional plumbing methods will chew up the pipe itself and just make the problem worse.

another good idea if your house needs a sump pump is to have a back up sump pump that runs off a 12v battery.
Mine is continuously charged. In the event of a storm that brings flooding rain and a power outage, the back up sump pump will kick on buying some time from a flooded basement until the power can be restored.

Back to the topic, do you all use your emergency fund for unexpected car maintenance? I have small maintenance fund for normal stuff like oil changes, tire rotation, car washes.. But I am counting on my emergency fund for large repairs (like a new ball joint I need).. just wondering if others use their emergency fund for their cars.

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