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April 12, 2007


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I work in a large city centre where parking is expensive, and the small car park at work is for company vehicles only. However, at weekends and in the evenings, we can park there for free.

We have free fairly traded tea and coffee, there's a scheme for buying a bike with pre-tax salary and we can by and sell annual leave (don't know if those are unusual things).

For me, one of the biggest benefites is the fact that the company will pay for any education I want to get. I'd like to get my MBA, but I'm also considering going to culinary school. I never thought a company would pay for something like culinary school.

Other than that, it's pretty normal.


Discounted movie tickets....Yaaaaayy....

Honestly, I'd rather be getting some more on my 401K, but hey....

4-5 paid Golf Outings every summer.

You know my old job we had free snacks and sodas (galore) and trips to the race track every few months, or other fun outings. Free parking (was not always offered). Fancy christmas dinners and a lot of little perks. But the pay was crap.

My current job really has no perks, when we order in or go out my boss never foots the bill. & people grumble. But I got a raise to move somewhere with a 1/3 COL. I do not mind in the least my boss is "stingy" because my paycheck reflects I am far more appreciated - I don't miss any of the perks - I would have preferred a better wage.

BUT I did get a nice perk this year - I got professional basketball tix - so that was sweet - boss has season tickets and shares them throughout the year. & you know we get candy, treats, the occasional free soda. Doesn't take much to please me.

I have a client though who does the costco thing and for 5 years of service the anniversary gift is a tiffany bracelet. Like $500 a pop. They are all women - they get a lot of little perks - a very generous owner.

Well, our department keeps microwave popcorn stocked in the kitchen, but I think my direct managers pay for that out of the department budget.

There is a whole list of discounts that they have arranged -- things like discounts from local florists, and the coolest is discounted rates with a few different apartment complexes (usually it's say, $200 off the first month, nothing long-term). Also deals with mortgage brokers, car dealers, dell, etc. for a small discount. (I work for a major large corporation.)

The coolest discount though has to be since its a telco, employees can get discounted rates on all their services. So I get my phone service for 1/2 price and special pricing on my cell phone, internet/dsl and long distance.

I get free checks.

On occasion, the bosses will raffle off basketball or hockey tickets when they can't make the games.

We get free toilet paper and paper towels - my wife works for a paper manufacturer. We get so much that our friends and family get free tissue and towels too :)

Some unusual perks:
- Free flu shots in the conference room.
- $1125 free money into my HSA.
- $4000 reimbursement for adoption.

I get alot of perks from my job.

I get baseball tickets. Good seats, with paid for parking. Usually twice a year.

I get free parking (it's $180 per month).

My boss gets us 4 Omaha steaks.

Golf shirt once a year.

Free Costco membership.

Free snacks, sodas and water bottles.

I've gotten a variety of Christmas gifts, Tumi luggage (2 pieces), gold and pearl necklace and earrings, alarm clark with CD player, a nice watch.

A gift card for Christmas--last year it was for $500 Amex.

Hawaiian cookies every year (my boss goes to Hawaii).

On our start date anniversary each year, we can take our family's out for dinner, for upto $150, our choice of where we go.

Discounts up to 20% from Sprint or Verizon (saves us a nice chunk on our cell bills).

Some web site discounts (nothing special) - 10% from B&N.

The corporate offices have tickets to various professional sports but I'm at a small satelite office.

While my company benefits aren't that unique, they are generous. Fully funded pension, matching 401K (75% up to the first 8% of salary), annual bonus, semiannual stock awards and fully funded health care for my whole family.

Oh, and they give away free movie tickets now and then..... :)

At my previous job (in an office) employees were expressly given permission to take home up to $3 worth of office supplies per week.

My employer bought infrequently (from a nationwide supplier which shipped from regional warehouses) and in large lots to take advantage of quantity price breaks. He figured there would be pilferage anyway, and the policy put an explicit cap on it while also probably helping a little with the price breaks.

I work for a fairly large company and besides the usual benefits, we also get these.

-Automotive Purchase Programs from DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors.

-Computer Purchase Programs from Dell, IBM, HP, Tiger Direct, and Tech-Optics.

-Discounts from Verizon Wireless

-If we choose to direct deposit to Chase bank, we get some Chase bank employee benefits. I personally use Navy Federal and USAA, thanks Dad for serving.

-Free coffee

I work on a military base as a civilian
- use of full automotive shop (it has small stall rental fees but you can use lots a lot of tools)
- free gyms (and 3 free hours a week to work out)
- wood shop (haven't use, rather work at home)
- free flu shots and health assessment
- free home use of software (I just got Office 07 for $20 shipping)
- day off if president dies (Reagan and Ford in last 2 years)

Three hours a week to work out? Cool!!!!

My wife graduated as a Radiology Technologist last August and we switch to her health benefits soon after she fulfilled her 90 day probation period. Even though my company's benefits were a bit cheaper, I'm glad we switched over.

-Any hospital work and or fees for her or dependents are written off by the hospital. Now that's a perk I really love. This saved us a bunch when my daughter went in for surgery a couple of weeks ago.
-Free minor league baseball tickets.
-Discounts on pro basket ball tickets.
-Eat lunch for $1.50, I mean a very large lunch cooked by a professional chef.

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