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April 13, 2007


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You are so very right on this subject.

I was unable to work for 18 months, in hospital the first two months, and had to relocate to live with family because without income I could not pay my rent (or any other bills). Of course, my credit went into the tank and I have a mountain of debt and don't know how to dig out on a minimum wage income.

Oh, and I didn't have health insurance either. Apparently hospitals have employees who scramble to get the uninsured on some government program so that they can get paid at least something, so I came out of the hospital on Medicaid and without medical debt.

But...don't let this happen to you!

good question. being part time my employer does not allow me to buy into the company's free-for-full-time-employees short term disability policy & they don't offer long term at all.

does any one - blog host or otherwise know of a good place of reviews & ratings for short & long term disability insurance?

Sorry. I do not.

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