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May 11, 2007


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Vanguard is by far the best, in my personal opinion.

I have been recommending them to my friends. Many of them took up on it, but most have made a crucial mistake.

Instead of buying Vanguard funds directly from Vanguard, they are buying them through their own brokers. These brokerage firms are charging (excessive) fees on top of the fees that Vanguard charges.

Getting out of that mistake is costly as well, as some of my friends find out. They charge a lot just to sell those funds.

Buy Vanguard, but make sure you buy index funds from Vanguard directly.

Edmund, I agree wholeheartedly. Setting up an account with Vanguard is easy enough, so why take the more expensive route? They have decent research and portfolio tools as well. It's a no-brainer. Now that they have dropped so many of their fees, it's a simple decision if you want to invest in index funds.

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