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May 12, 2007


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And, there are a lot of people that are bad at math and finances, due to our educational system!

He must be bad at math. If he was good at math, he would play, but only when the prize was worth it.

I agree, the lottery is almost mathematically impossible to win. Also it displays a lack of trust in the Lord to provide, but at the same time...

You can't win if you don't play.

My father always said in a not-as-nice way: It's a tax for stupid people...

Or maybe it's a tax for the eternally hopefully.

Oops--meant to say "eternally hopeful."

I have friends who would never play the lottery in a gazillion years. In their fifties now. Her dad, though, has played forever. Always told his three kids that when (not if) he hit it big, he'd split it evenly four ways--his share, and a share for each grown kid. Now my friends have $8 million! So, sometimes, you DON'T have to enter to win! I steer clear of the lottery, but would have no problem accepting winnings from someone else! :)

Another cute lottery saying:

I win a dollar in the lottery every week. I don't play.

I've heard the 'bad at math tax' and the 'tax on stupid people.' I think they are both funny... I also like oblomov's quote. :)

But anyone who plays poker knows about pot odds - basically the money in the pot and the odds of winning make the bet worth it.

So if the odds of winning the lottery are 1 in 175,000,000, and the jackpot is over $175 million, is that $1 ticket really that bad a bet?

I don't recommend investing your paycheck on the lottery, but a $1 once in a while can be fun. :)

i would like to interdouce a new lottery system, put in once 100.00, take all the money collected, lets say the gov. gets 6% on the money, raffle out 3% and keep 3%, and i could always take out my initial deposit.

Lottery may be a tax on those who aren't good at math, but considering the possible return on investment one would be stupid not to play.

Lottery is realy lucky if God look any way, but god can win his personally as he/she offer and win the person. i think it wiould very great if people can try also and try do that play for win.

Thanks Shumon

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