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May 09, 2007


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Do you recommend seeking higher paying work just to have the cash for savings?

I'm 32 and in a high paying job at the highest paying employer in my city but I am considering a career change. To date, I've done a decent job of saving for retirement and emergency fund.

Should I stay only for money? I'm not too far away from my "prime earning years". If I make a mistake in a C.C., it could have detrimental effects later in my retirement.

Randy --

That's a tough question and impossible for me to answer without knowing your complete financial picture. All I can say is that your career is a balance between earning money and enjoying yourself. If you're making a ton of money but hating every minute of it, it probably isn't worth it. If you love your job completely but have to take handouts to survive, it probably isn't worth it. The trick is to find that middle area that best fits your personal money/fulfillment ratio.

And if you're making minimum wage and hating every minute of it, it definitely isn't worth it!

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