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May 03, 2007


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You can often get dentistry done more cheaply at a dental school, funnily enough, I'd consider doing that, but I wouldn't trust a student to cut my hair (or even worse, waxing). Arranging flowers, making furniture, doing repairs, yes.

It depends on the individual. Time is also money. If you are a person who values time, then spend more money to get the things done quickly. If not, save more but wait a longer time.

I'd consider some of those. There are a number of local "chop shops" that take new grads from the local hair academies. The difference between stylists is greater than an established shop. I prefer my local barber whom I've used since highschool (prom, actually). The only problem is they work M-F 9-4:30PM (a half hour away) and I work M-F 8-5PM. They are similarly priced to the walk-in places and the service is "a cut above" the walk-in places. There's another barber who's been around soooo long that everyone gets the same cut no matter what you ask for. He's quite affordable (like $6.25, last time), but it's pretty much the uni-style from the 1950's.

I wish I could find a tech school who'd make me cabinets like those mentioned, fix my car, or landscape for a good price! I'd use them. I'm 90% frugal and 10% get-it-done-while-I'm-still-motivated/willing. I'd try them. How much worse than DIY can it be?? (I'm not *THE* handiest guy around).

If you had to eat out until your kitchen was done, it would get expensive in a hurry.

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