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May 08, 2007


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I definitely agree with rolling over your money--don't wait to move that 401k or 403b--it will only get more difficult. Some plans require the signature of the plan administrator, and when you've moved to a different state and worked at your former job three years ago, it's more difficult to get that signature than if you had just walked down the hall when you were there.

Keep you mouth shut! LOL - excellent advice. And advice I should really take to heart.

At my company, we have to give at least a months notice - although people often have unused vacation time which they take for the last week or so.

We also need to put our resignation in writing, I guess you're right that its best done verbally with the letter as back up though.

One thing that I've found many people forget about is that in some states your employer is required to pay out your vacation time when you leave. They can't force you to actually take vacation, they actually have to cut you a check. Sick time usually does not get this benefit.

This of course varies state to state. In Massachusetts you get paid, though you may have to demand it. And don't let them force you to take that time off as your two weeks notice.

I need to give 3 months notice.

Though my contract expires in January 09, I am mulling the possibility of throwing in my notice and walk out.

Only your posts on "no job is worse than having no job" is keeping me from doing this.....yet!

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