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May 02, 2007


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You are correct that you can no longer buy US savings bonds with a credit card.


1. See if any of your regular bills can be paid with American Express.

2. If you were planning to give money to a charity see whether you can donate by credit card.

3. Pay with the credit card for everything--groceries, gas, a coffee.

4. If you go out to eat with a group offer to collect the money and pay the bill with your credit card.


Can you sign up as a joint account with your spouse, so you both carry a card with the same number?

Yes. I have a joint account with my wife and both cards charge to the same account.

Cory -

The beauty of Amex is each card carries a unique number. My card and my wife's card have distinct acct numbers. The statements are broken out by acct number, which makes tracking spending easier as well.

Hmmm... Could you charge the $6500 on your Discover (getting the cash back from them), then pay the Discover using the Blue?? ;-)

- Eric.

I once used a credit card to pay the downpayment on a car, used of course and paid the bill off right away.
Also check to see if you can use a credit card to pay your mortgage.

Just to clarify two of the comments above:

Yes, spouses have separate numbers, but their charges both go into the same "pot" for rebate purposes and count towards one (big in my case) cash reward at yearend.

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