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May 10, 2007


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I don't know if you care about these blog tags. But I tagged you anyway, I thought you wouldn't mind an extra incoming link.

Brandon J
Money for Military

I always wonder what happens to the leftovers at Whole Foods.

I might be tempted to eat the bread...

Brandon --

I don't mind them but I don't participate. I've done enough of those sorts of posts for one lifetime. ;-)

You might want to check on your local policies because some cities have regulations in place that prevent storing from just giving away free food (or allowing people to donate perishable food), due to concerns of food safety. Here's an article about some recent crackdowns.

When I lived in Colorado I had some friends that said that stores would tell them when the food would be put out, but they couldn't "give" it to them, because they were worried about the liability issues.

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