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May 22, 2007


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If they are retired or close to it, they had better be worth a million, or live in the boonies. This probably represents the majority of millionaires.

How many hamburger flippers become millionaires from their jobs?

An insightful post might instead ask a question, "I wonder how many millionaires at some point in their lives worked a minimum wage job?"

You could easily become a millionaire flipping hamburgers. I think you only have to invest $100 a month over 40 years. It's pretty surprising that there are tons of people with over 5 million networth. I guess it's not that shocking, but that the numbers of those people are increasing rapidly. My parents who are a tad over 50 have reached 5million+ networth (not including home) made it by owning their own business. I just can't wait until my networth will be in the positive territory in a couple of years.

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