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May 29, 2007


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Coincidently I am running a "mock tax return" for Canadian Taxes for a family comparing what happens if the Father and Mother both work or only 1 spouse works and how the Canadian Tax system penalizes the single income family. Mother's work is worth a lot of money, and I don't want to do my wife's job!


I'm not sure why everyone obsesses about it so much. Is a dollar figure the ultimate expression of worth in our culture? An actuary may put the value of a life at $1,000,000--so what? Would any sane, rational person offer to kill a family member for $1G? No matter what my mom's (or my wife's) skills, sacrifices, and hard work are worth in the market place, I'm glad they chose to do pro bono work in my life.

There are plenty of women who work full or part time AND do the mom I guess I really don't get it. Obviously It's just a different way of handling a workload. Some people juggle better than others.

I don't think we can quantify everything. It is impossible. How much money is spending time with your kids worth? How much money is going to church worth? How much money is being able to enjoy the beautiful scenery in nature worth?

You just can't quantify these kinds of things. Just love your family. And if your wife can stay at home, know that spending time with your kids is more important than anything money can ever buy.

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