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May 26, 2007


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When I got married last year, my credit score wasn't in the best shape. 6 months later I reduced a ton of debt and my premiums went down almost 25% also. I love it!

I didn't read the article since I don't get Kiplinger, but some things are missing in the scenario, at least the excerpt you've posted here. First, a purely percentage figure doesn't show the real picture, I'd much rather have preferred to see dollar amounts; second, was there other things going on--that is, age, maybe traffic violations or past accidents fell off, etc? note that the excerpt said the auto insurance co. started to look at "driving records and credit histories"...not simply credit histories...more closely. The excerpt lends one to think that it was strictly credit history working, but could be a combination or simply driving record.

it's said but true that insurers correlate credit history in terms of behavior.

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