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May 25, 2007


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Mitt Romney will leave everyone in the dust. I've read in several places it's estimated he's worth about half a billion dollars. Being a (successful) turnaround investor can do that for a person apparently.

Hedge funds make a lot of money.

Well, the successful ones. Good Sharpe ratios, but high kurtosis as well.

I think that President Bush and Vice President Cheney have forever changed the landscape in terms of wealthy men in the White House. Both Bush and Cheney are fabulously weathlty, far beyond those who hope to replace them. Both are heavily invested in defense and energy companies.

While Bill Richardson and Mitt Romney have a few bucks tucked away, to be sure, if asked, they will simply point to the current occupants of the White House, look into the camera and say "I wished I had the money that Bush or Cheney has".

Uhhhh, not really.

A simple Google search for "President Bush net worth" shows that he's worth about $20 million (see: ).
Then, another quick search yields this info:

Evan Bayh (D-Indiana)
Estimated net worth: $1,954,000 to $6,360,000

Hillary Clinton (D-New York)
Estimated net worth: $10,045,000 to $50,235,000

John Kerry (D-Massachusetts)
Estimated net worth: $158,691,000 to at least $241,590,000

George Allen (R-Virginia)
Estimated net worth: $1,828,000to at least $3,845,000

Sam Brownback (R-Kansas)
Estimated net worth: $2,313,000 to $9,095,000

Bill Frist (R-Tennessee)
Estimated net worth: $12,660,000 to at least $46,715,000

Chuck Hagel (R-Nebraska)
Estimated net worth: $2,183,000 to $7,495,000

John McCain (R-Arizona)
Estimated net worth: $13,875,000 to at least $23,085,000

There are additional millionaires in the rest of the 2008 field, including former Sen. John Edwards (D-North Carolina), who doesn't have to fill out these reports anymore, but had an estimated net worth between $12.8 million and $60 million when he was in office.


It always pays to check the facts before you leave a comment.

I wonder how much of John Kerry's net worth is unrelated to his wife. It seems anytime his wealth is discussed she is always mentioned.

I can't help but laugh about the spread in the net worth estimates of the prez candidates.

"My own net worth is about $500k, give or take three million." :-)

I think Bill Clinton gets a million per speaking engagement (or at least has, on occasion).

Leaving out Ron Paul, as always, I see.

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