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May 29, 2007


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I like shopping at Costco better.

What's interesting about the Business Pundit blurb is that it was written in 2003 and the author had never been in a Costco. They seemed dissappointed that Costco was serving consumers and "wished the company well" in the future but they didn't think the company could maintain growth...well, Costco has done exceedingly well indeed.

Looks like popular opinion (with some NaCl) favors Costco. I only have Sam's where I live... haven't been to a Costco, so I can't comment about them, but I've also never really had any complaint about Sam's. Perhaps I'm just not that particular about this sort of thing ;-)

Ok. So, it's January 2013. My membership is about to expire with Sam's Club. I have been on the fence about Costco. Sigh. I did research and read that Sam's Club isn't so good to their employees with pay, benefits, etc. I read that Sam's is great on pricing, membership fees, business hours with a business card membership from 7 to 10 or so. Cheaper membership. I also read that Costco treated their employees really well with pay, benefits, etc. I read that Costco is a bit more expensive not only in their food but membership fees. Their business hours with a membership fee that is around $110 includes coming in a whopping one hour before the store opens at 11 a.m. If you spent more than $500 or $750 they cut you a break with a percentage off. So, I went in and got a guest pass. They'll allow you access but you can't buy anything. I walked around. Love the people that Costco attracts compared to the people at Sam's Club. They seem ... happier. Go figure. They are more expensive yet the customers are happier. Hmmm. I loved the fact that their food selection was off the charts and fresh. Prices weren't bad compared to Sam's Club. I left the club in a dilemna. What to do. I decided to just stay with Sam's. The deciding factor was the CSR desk when we came in. It was there. The main frame. The captain of the ship. It was there that the vibe was bad. Also considered is that they cost more, no business hours, etc. I sensed that although they treat their employees really well? The customer comes second. At Sam's? They come first. So, I renewed my membership. Time will tell. I'm just going to settle for a club that hasn't really been too bad to me over the years that I've been with them. You decide. I had to.

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