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May 07, 2007


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I've found a way to do both #1 and #2--mystery shopping. Before #2 was born I did it more frequently, but now I mainly do restaurants. My husband and I are going out to a VERY nice restaurant tomorrow night, for free! And we won't go out again until we have another shop. So that's both saving money, and (sometimes) getting extra money.

[...]I was perusing the list of first-day entries for Darren Rowse's Top 5 Group Writing Project. Great stuff[...]

These are all important to increase your net worth. Some people focus on making money, but that is not enough. The true measure of financial health is your net worth, so if you spend all the money you make you will not do well financially.

Good luck with the group writing project.

Nice top 5. See your link here:

Good luck!

Nice top five
I like the way you write. Straight forward and direct.

Thanks for the finance tips

I've been a reader for some time, but this is my first comment... inspired by the Top 5 project. :-)

Very classic financial Top 5... I'm afraid to say, I'm stuck in #4. But, working on it. Awareness is the beginning of the solution. What's your opinion on using retirement savings to get out from under? That answer is probably in one of your posts... but, a pointer would be helpful! You are a very prolific writer, and it's hard for me to keep up... especially with this writing project giving me so many more blogs to read!

Stop by and check out my Top 5 if you like...

excellent!! I will be back and I will be adding you to my top 5 today on my blog. very useful information.

nice post. check out my post: Top 5 ways to go broke -

6. Do not RENT, buy your home if you can afford it. Even with ammortization schedules eventually you will be pay more and more principal.

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