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May 24, 2007


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hey, it's jon again.

to answer your questions:
the project will probably finish by december
im the assistant project manager
this is where i feel the crux of the matter boss has so much issues to deal with that i feel asking for a raise right now would seem very "selfish" of me.

Jon --

How long has it been since you've had a raise and what was the amount of it? Are you fairly paid now or underpaid? Are you a strong performer? How much of an impact will this project have on the company?


havent had a raise since ive been promoted almost a year ago. i feel i am underpaid but keep in mind that i work for a struggling company. this project will hopefully turn the corner for the company.


Wow. It's never easy, huh?

If you're underpaid and it's been a year since you've been promoted, that says to ask now.

The fact that your company is struggling, that says to wait.

Still, I think I would lean toward asking for it now, starting with something like, "I know this is not the greatest time to bring up the issue, but..."

yup, it's not easy.

i don't feel that the pros outweigh the damage that can be done by jumping the gun.

decisions decisions

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