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May 21, 2007


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Unfortunately, both of these hit me right between the driving goggles. (Does anyone still wear driving goggles?)

And I'm guessing you mean that your wife's Corolla gets 40 mpg, not mph. Although if she keeps it to 40 mph, she'll probably get pretty good mpg. :)

Ha! Thanks, Rich, I fixed it. ;-)

My 2000 Corolla gets a little over 30mpg. I can't believe that right now we're being charged the highest gas prices ever... adjusted after inflation. This is ridiculous. I might just end up buying a vespa.

How about "drive less"? I could drive a tank to work and use less gasoline than some other people who drive a prius from the suburbs.

I too have a Corolla, and I get about 39 mpg in mixed (mostly city) driving. But I'm amazed at all the people that drive like maniacs, accelerating quickly up a steep hill, only to have to stop at the light at the top. The key is to simply drive smoothly. Accelerate slowly, and try to anticipate when you'll hit the next light red, or when traffic suddenly slows in front of you.

$40 for a SUV?! I pay $50 to fill up my little Volkswagen here in California!

If you can do it, the obvious solution is just stop using the car.

There are plenty of other ways of moving around, public transport, bicycling, walking etc.

Go ahead and get that Prius. Its constant monitoring of gas mileage also has helped me to drive my minivan a lot more efficiently.

CF -- Ha! It's a very small SUV. ;-)

I can't believe how expensive gas is getting here in North Carolina. Everybody's talking about it here, but I know it's even worse in other parts of the country. We wanted to see if people really are changing their habits here, or making other adjustments in their daily lives. We took a survey, and the results are very interesting. 70% of drivers said they have changed their driving habits in the last six months and plan to drive less this summer. 60% said they've put off making other purchases. Responses on economic questions were mixed. We also asked a bunch of questions about health, smoking, current events, and a fun one about which TV show should be canceled.

Why do you need an SUV? (asking earnestly, not to be a jerk)

Anon --

Main reason: 70 inches of snow a year on average here -- we've had as much as 120 since we moved here.

Secondary reason: Because I haul lots of stuff (bikes, basketball gear for the whole team, soccer gear, construction materials, etc.) around/take trips with a full family and need the room.

Sounds reasonable! I just see lots of guys tooling around alone in giant Ford Explorers and always wonder -why?

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