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May 23, 2007


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When I bought my house, the previous owner said I could keep his $400 gas grill, $350 lawn mower, and the $3000 fridge and oven/stove. Saved me a bunch of first time home owner costs. He also left a bunch of nice paint, curtains, stuff like that. It was a win win because I needed them and he needed to sell. I love it!

I really don't want anyone's old furniture but leaving the appliances is usually a decent way to entice a buyer.

Someone in Beverly Hills was throwing in a years lease on a Maserati.

I've seen things like new appliances for free to free trips to Florida around my area in Illinois.

When I bought my home 2 years ago, there were some perks included also. We agreed to the sellers price and though the only appliances included were the dishwasher and the stove & microwave, they did agree to pay all of our closing costs and installed some nice blinds all around the house even after we'd agreed to all the terms.

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