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June 08, 2007


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I hear this all the time, but I also hear that you should steer clear of having retirement savings in company stock. My company does a (rather small) 401(k) match, but only in company stock - and they're already a Fortune 500 company, so most index/mutual funds will also contain their stock. Is it still a good idea to contribute the max to get the match?

Of course it is a good idea if your company is not heading underwater which it should be doing fine if it is a fortune 500 company. Just make sure to rebalance your portfolio at the first opportunity.

My wife and I aren't eligible for 401k at our companies yet. We just graduated last May and we haven't reached the one year mark yet at our places of employment. I CAN NOT WAIT until we can get some free money from our companies. Yet... I don't necessarily look at it as free money. It's part of the compensation package people agree to when they sign onto a company. I classify it in the same realm as health, dental, vacation time, etc.

What do you do if your employer doesn't do any matching at all? Is it then not worth it?

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