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June 27, 2007


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Not a bad idea. Have you heard of this website?

You can sell photographs through them on the web. I don't know how much you could potentially make from it, but it would certainly be a start!

It would be interesting to see what side jobs you can do that cost the least amount of time but yields the most profit.

Being a photographer seems time consuming and costly to start. The cameras most professional photographers I've seen use are super expensive (like $1,000+). And following people around all weekend? ... eh...

The photography business seems quite great to make money and one can really make great bucks if done in more professional way. I thing photography of wild animals, celebrities, natural beauties, natural disaster and similar more can bring more earnings.

As a photographer, I'm a little offended by this idea. As if all you have to do to be a photographer is show up somewhere with a camera. No need for years of training and experience. And the above comment is correct, a professional level digital camera will cost over $1500 with lenses, not to mention another $1000 for lighting (low end at that price).

Hmm, I like this part "Ok, let's side-step the issue of talent and experience for now". Well how convenient. Why don't I "side-step the issue of talent and experience" and become CEO if a multi-million dollar corporation or a professional golfer.

Looks like photographers are a bit touchy.

I don't think that they are talking about being a professional photographer but more so of someone that does it as a hobby and happens to capture really good pictures which they then sell. I know someone that just likes taking pictures and he has captured some really pretty stuff and he then sells or gives them away. He has now started doing more professional looking pictures but it is still just a hobby.

I'm a photographer too. I don't take offense at this suggestion because I am confident that, like all art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder... it's all subjective. If you can go out and create something yourself, whether it be with a camera or a paintbrush or a sewing machine, etc. go for it. And if you can make money to boot, more power to ya. Just be aware that like any hobby, there are time, effort and equipment costs to consider. Photography is not cheap. And, please, please, please don't pirate other peoples images and call them your own. Go on and do your thing. Peace, :)

I used to photograph weddings - and I can tell you there are a plethora of brides/grooms that fail to plan for a photographer in time to get one for their big day OR fail to budget enough money for a quality photographer. So who do these folks turn to? Typically the hobbyist or relative/friend willing to shoot their event on the cheap (or at the last minute!) Granted, to be a pro photographer, there is some skill involved, but I'd say there is definitely a niche for non-professionals to earn pocket cash in this area.

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