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June 28, 2007


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Sounds great... but I imagine there are a lot of ongoing replacement costs for the signs/flamingoes that get swiped, stomped, or otherwise vandalized.

BTW, anyone considering this might want to visit to see if there's already someone working in your area. It's a directory of people doing this by state. Looks like there's someone covering my county already... though I've never seen one of their displays up...

I can see zoning changes already

It sounds like a good idea, but every time I think about starting a new business, it seems like I come up with ideas that are about unnecessary consumption. And the environmentalist half of me never likes those ideas. At least in this case, though, you would be re-using the stuff, which is a lot better than what most people do (order from Oriental Trading Company and then throw it away.)

If you're environmentally-minded, why not play that up? Conduct environment audits to reduce water or electricity costs - around here it's water, so tanks, type of irrigation, water-saving showerheads etc. Or suggest adding timer to heaters, better insulation and sealing off a room to reduce heating bills. As well as the savings on bills, sometimes you can get rebates from electricity companies, state or federal governments - QLD had free water tanks for several months - to add on to your value as an advisor.

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