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June 15, 2007


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It is notable how efficient they are when it comes to raising them and how overwhelmed they are when it comes to lowering them.

I wonder what the percentage of refinance appraisals that are too high. 100%?

My house was appraised almost $30k too high. All it took for me to get them lowered was a phone call. The county sent an appraiser to reassess the property (They did it from the road and didn't even come in the house). A few days later the county called me back with their ruling. In the end I saved several hundred dollars a year. :)

rocketc also makes a good point...

If you think homeowners are overtaxed, try selling your house and renting. Prop taxes are higher in most states on rental prop than on owner-occ homes of equal value.

Yeah! Our house appraisal went from 180 to 246k! We did appeal, armed with a reputable realtors valuation of 210k, but we also showed any improvements that needed made with estimates for the work. A new bank was also robbed a mile away, so we used that too! They reappraised for 193! Gather your facts!

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