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June 29, 2007


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Number 4 is so true. Most people don't think of options other than hotels when thinking of a vacation. Our week-long "family vacation" for the past two years has been to spend time with friends who live in Arizona. We pay for airfare and some of the food while we're there. We stay in their guest bedroom, play with their kid and dog, and have a great time. We also get the added bonus of escaping the cold for a week in February/March.

We invite them to come stay with us for a while in the summer, escaping the Arizona heat.

Late September is when we're taking our next trip (going back to NC to visit wife's family since we can't get out there for the holidays). We had out choice of going anytime in Sept/Oct. Found 2 round trip tickets from Portland to Raleigh for Sept 25 - Oct 2 for under $200 a piece!

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