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June 08, 2007


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hook me up!

Oooohhh, pick me, pick me! I drive right by a Meijer everyday on my way home from work.


I sent an email to your FMF email address asking a question. Did you get that email?
If you did or even if you didn't I am commenting!!!

Yay, ice cream! Please pick me!

Rabbit --

Just today? I got a message from Greg. Is that you?

Pick ME

Okay, I'll bite. I've been reading FMF for a while now. I like the fact that you post multiple articles per day. Oh, and I also like ice cream. :)

Mmmmm, Moose Tracks!

Please don't pick me because I'm not near a Meijer. I just wanted to say "I really miss not being near a Meijer." I used to live in OH and it was a great store.

My kid loves ice cream.

I scream. You scream. We all scream for Free Money Finance and ice cream!


Who doesn't like ice cream?

I'll take one!

Count me in; I live right by a Meijers! I read your articles every single day. I learn a lot.

mmmmmm... ice cream


I moved from an area with many Meijer stores to an area with Fred Meyer stores. Ironically, (Fred) Meyer is now owned by Kroger, a Meijer competitor.

I guess now you need a program to keep track of the Meyers and the Meijers.

Love Meijer. They're right behind our apartment...

I don't live by a Meijer but my grandson does and I'd love to win this for him:)

I appreciate your site and information. Consider me for your give away, moose is great stuff.

I'll put my name into the ring. Hope to win and I promise I won't think about the calories.

-Big Cheese

FMF, I would love some ice creamy goodness.

Love Moosetracks !

This contest is now closed. Winner announced soon on new post.

Dang, I fell behind in my reading over the weekend and missed my chance at some free Moose Tracks. My kids would have loved it too as that is their favorite and we don't buy it very often.

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