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June 09, 2007


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Excellent! I didn't know about the VEU. I had been using EFA.

I like to add a little VB (Vanguard smallcap) into the mix as I think that's a little under-weighted by VTI. I could be wrong, but I like the small company bet in general.

Transaction costs can be minimized with Zecco. I invest my Roth IRA once a year with TDAmeritrade, so there aren't a lot of transactions there - just a one time buy.

I'm still not sold on buying ETFs yet. Sure they're easy to get in and out of because they trade like stocks, but the fees can really eat your returns. I've looked into Zecco, like the previous commentor mentioned. I just can't see how they can keep that business model of no fees for a lot longer. Maybe I'm wrong though.


If you are still using a "cheap" discount broker, you are going broker.

For people with rollover IRA, ETF's have one are where they have a HUGE advantage. If you cannot dollar cost average into the IRA, investings rollover money in low-cost ETF's is a no brainer.

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